About the Artist
Suzanne Clements has flourished in the fashion, theatre, and film industry for nearly two decades.
While attending Mesa College, Suzanne contributed to the fashion department as programs director for three years. She became involved in fashion shows both in and outside of school. She designed the Moulin Rouge costume for the Fashion Group International 2003 Style Awards, a non profit organization giving recognition to members from all aspects of the industry which also raised funds for Breast Cancer research and treatment. The Moulin Rouge dress was shown on the runway again for A Novel Idea...A look at the Classics, which was a fund raiser for Vista Hill Family Recovery Center. She has won awards for her special occasion designs in the Golden Scissors Awards from 2001 to 2004 ranging from first place to best of show. The Peacock Dress won first place and best of show in 2003, and won second place at the 2004 Fashion Symposium.
While studying to earn her degree, Suzanne worked with designer/couture fiber artist Doshi for two years as a cutter where she also gained the experience of dying textiles. She then worked with Jeanne Reith at LambsPlayers Theatre for two years, where she used her skills to create and maintain costumes, dress actors, and design plays, such as The Pressures On, One for the Road, Mrs. Sorken, Bad Brad, and Mirad- A Boy from Bosnia. The Pressures On was seen in front of an audience of about 75,000 by the end of it's year long tour of the San Diego City School District. Her designs were shown at Sabbats 2004 Valentines Day Ball and Fashion Show, and she also designed for the independent film Almost Romeo by Ehcin Films, featuring the Juliet gown and Peacock dress. Almost Romeo was released in November of 2004.
Suzanne has also contributed her skills at The Old Globe Theatre for productions such as The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow, Lucky Duck, As You Like It, Two Nobel Kinsman, Anthony and Cleopatra, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Himself and Nora, MacBeth, Winters Tale, Comedy of Errors, Moonlight and Magnolias, The Times They Are A-Changin',The Constant wife, The Violet Hour, Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, and Titus Andronicus.
Suzanne designed for the 2012 - 2017 Gasparilla Parade and Mardi Gras. She volunteered for the 2012 Campus Welt - International Fashion Show at Flensburg University where she was given an honorable mention. She has also designed for Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern dance, Sameda Faire, Labyrinth of Jareth, San Diego Comicon/X-Sangine, Marked Men, and Califur 0.
Other projects Suzanne has contributed to:
On set assistant costume designer to Judy Fiel for Lucifer the Movie, where she dressed the actors, maintained costumes, set up and organized wardrobe. Lucifer the Movie was the 2007 winner of the Beverly Hills Film Festival.
J & M Costumers, where she created custom made costumes for major films, television programs, and commercials, such as Bee Movie, I Now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry, Bratz the Movie, Naked Juice, Adidas, According to Jim, Boost Mobil, Borat, Bruno, Entourage, Lucky Strike, Subway, Hannah Montana, The Disney Channel, MetLife, Macy's Day Parade, Mac Computers, Super Bowl, Passions, Google, CSI New York, Asylum, and alterations for celebrities such as Natalie Cole, Michelle Trachtenberg, Ashlee Simpson and Shakira.
She has also had the honor of working with :
Fantasy Photo Tours
Sword & Stone Armory
Historic Enterprises/Black Swan Designs
Jacky Mazin of Nouvelle Culture
William Wilson of Legion Within
Metal Work Courtesy of Tony Swatton
at Sword and the Stone Armory